When it comes to the world of nail designs there is very little that caters for short nails. Everywhere you look you see long, pointy or stiletto nails, and none of the designs or nail art are suitable for shorter manicures. Which is a little unfair, don’t you think? Shorter nails may not instantly catch the eye in the same way something more in-your-face or ostentatious would but they can be much more suitable for certain situations.

Short nails are subtle, classy and elegant. But they’re also functional. You’re not going to want some long talons with jewels all over them for work, are you? That’s when a shorter manicure comes into it’s own. Smaller nails won’t get in the way whilst typing, unlike longer nails that interfere in a lot of day to day tasks. If you like to garden or do any outdoor activities then it can be tricky to keep your nails long. Or if you do they then no doubt get ruined or dirty very quickly, when smaller nails wouldn’t. Also, if you suffer from having brittle nails then you might struggle to grow them longer. Why should you be excluded from having cute, beautiful or trendy looking manicures. The same thing applies for those who might have a problem with nail biting.

Thankfully there are many options for little fingernails. Any colour will look great on short nails, but the colour you pick should be dependent on the style you are aiming to achieve.

  • If you are fair skinned then painting your nails a deeper shades of purple or red will contrast with your skin tone and make them look more prominent and noticeable. For darker skin tones then use vivid and bright colours like orange and pink; both will look amazing.
  • If you would like your little nails to look longer then it’s best to stick with pale and nude tones. Try to pick a nude that is a shade lighter than your skin tone.
  • Other ways to help make short nails look longer is to stop painting them right up to the edge of the nails on both sides. Instead leave a small gap. Not only will this make your nails seem longer but also thinner.

You can apply these tips to the designs below. Either copy them directly or put your own spin on them and create a design of your own.

The designs we’ve bought you are not only intended for short nails but are also simple to achieve. Unlike some of the more elaborate nail art and intricate fingernail designs these are perfect for anyone new to nail designs or an experienced artist wanting something quick and easy. They are all straightforward and uncomplicated but also fun, beautiful and sophisticated.

There is no limit to what you can do with your short nails so be creative, keep them looking fabulous and have fun!

Short Nail Designs





elegant short nail design

red short nail design

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