Nail Care Tips

So, you’ve got a great manicure or nail design but your cuticles aren’t looking their best. Once your cuticles start to go then your nails are next. Soon they’ll be weak and brittle, and your fabulous manicure won’t be looking so fabulous. So it’s important to care for your nails, and here you’ll find the some great nail care tips.

  • The single most important (and probably obvious) nail care tip – don’t use your nails as tools! Picking, scratching and scraping things with your newly manicured nails or applied designs and art are going to cause all sorts of problems. Also, try not to bite them. Both obvious but very important.
  • Another of the most important nail care tips – moisturize! Especially your cuticles. If you’re not doing so, start now. Your hands are constantly exposed to chemicals, not to mention drenched then dried over and over. Moisturizing is vitally important.
  • Following on from that, wear gloves when doing any sort of washing – dishes, laundry etc. The exposure to chemicals, even for a short period, will do damage to the nails and cuticles.
  • Push back your cuticles, but never, ever cut them. They protect the root of your nails from bacteria. However, avoid pushing them back if your cuticles are already cracking and dry. If this is the case, get some cuticle oil  and apply daily to help them heal.
  • Nail products can play havoc with your nails, so choose them carefully.  Formaldehyde is included in many nail products but is bad for both your nails and cuticles. Try to find nail products that don’t contain formaldehyde and go for acetone-free if you can.

These are just a few nail care tips and pointers to get you started. Use common sense and your nails will be looking glamorous and healthy all year round.

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