During the summer vibrant polishes are great. They stand out, they’re noticeable and fun. However, as summer starts to near it’s end, you might want to find a way of making those bold and bright colors work for you in autumn.

A really great way to do is to try out some shimmering metallic nail polish.

Some of the best metallic nail polishes to try are:

OPI Nail Lacquer in Venice The Party


Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Mad Women

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Mad Women

One of the best ways to nail the metallic polish trend is to try Morgan Taylor’s Chrome Collection of polishes. Their chrome base coat turns the six vibrant shades into bright metallic’s.

morgan taylor chrome collection polishes

If you want some more inspiration then check out some other metallic nail polish designs below.

colored metallic nail polish

different colored metallic nail polish

essie chrome metallic nail polish



gold metallic nail polish designs

Use the page numbers below for more metallic nail polish designs

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