How to Thin Nail Polish

If your nail polish is beginning to get thick or is coming out in clumps, there are methods to help thin nail polish.

Thin nail polish is massively important when it comes to making your nails look good. Air bubbles in the polish or big clumps are not what you want when applying your favourite coloured polish.

Try these easy few steps to keep your nail polish thin and fabulous:

  • Try turning the polish bottle up and down to allow for the colour to disperse and distribute away from the bottom. This should also get the pigments to mix together.
  • Roll the bottle between your palms; this will also help to blend the colours. Your hands will also warm the polish which in turn should thin it, making clumps less likely and thus easier to spread.
  • You will now want to test and see if the polish is any thinner. Just paint 1 nail with a single coat of your warmed (and hopefully thinner) polish. Apply a 2nd coat and then see if the polish is still too thick or if there are clumps. If this is the case then you will need to move onto the next step.
  • Nail Polish thinner should help to return the polish back to original state. You can pick up nail polish thinner easily online; Amazon and eBay are good choices.
  • Add a few drops of polish thinner, tip the bottom upside down and up again a few times to mix in the thinner. Again, roll the bottle between your palms to warm it up. Then do a test coat as before to check for clumps and it’s viscosity. If the 2nd coat is thin enough, clump and bubble free then the thinner will have worked.
  • To stop your nail polish from thickening try making sure that no polish gets stuck around the neck of the bottle – this stops the bottle from sealing completely and allows air in, which causes some of the thickening. Wipe the neck of the polish with polish remover after every use to keep it from building up.
  • You can also try adding clear nail polish instead of polish thinner, which has been reported to have also worked.

You should now have thin nail polish ready to use.

Video Tutorials of How to Thin Nail Polish

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