At Home Pedicure

On a quiet evening the perfect way to pass the time or catch up on some beauty treatments is to do an at home pedicure.

This quick guide will show you how to do a perfect home pedicure that will save you time and not require too much effort, as well as avoiding the cost of an expensive professional pedicure at a salon.

Remember, when it comes to pedicures, doing it little and often is far more effective and better for your nails than doing it all in one big go. So refer back to this guide until you can remember each step and then try to do your pedicure 1-4 times a month.



At Home Pedicure Guide

A Home Pedicure

  1.  The first thing you need to do is get rid of any hard and dry skin from the balls and heels of your feet with a good foot file. Also focus on the toes as well, around the edges of them and the feet. Make sure you do this whilst the feet are still dry and before you’ve got them wet.
  2. You’ll want to soak you feet for 5 to 10 minutes, so fill a bowl of warm water and possibly add some Tea Tree Oil and Epsom salts. This will help to relax your feet, muscles and nerves, relieving the tension you may have. The Epsom salts will also soften any more dry skin, and the Tea Tree provides antibacterial merits. Once you feel relaxed, dry your feet and clip your nails. Try to cut the nails straight across, and then file the edges smooth.
  3. Massage some almond oil into your cuticles and push them back gently with a cuticle stick (preferably a rubber-tipped one). After this massage some of your favourite foot cream into your feet, making sure to avoid the toes. If you are doing the pedicure before bed then avoid the next step of nail polish and instead wrap your feet in something like clingflim and put your socks on. If you then wish you can apply some polish and colour in the morning.
  4. If you are going to apply polish after your home pedicure, you’ll need to remember that the polish will take a few hours to dry completely. Use a small amount of nail polish remover to the excess oil remains from your nails before adding the base coat, two coats of polish and then a top coat. If you use all the steps you would do for a manicure then your colour should last longer and look gorgeous!

(Tip: It may be obvious to some of you but when applying your polish, don’t hold the brush in one hand and the bottle in the other whilst adding the colour. Put the bottle down! It will make things far easier and less messy. You can even use a magnifying glass in your free hand if you want an even more accurate design or stroke.)

This at home pedicure should allow you to keep your nails look fabulous without expending too much time. Do it often and your nails will thank you for it!

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