It’s almost Halloween and what better way to celebrate than with some spooky Halloween nail art! Decorating your nails with some creepy and scary designs is a great way to get into the spirit (pun very much intended!) and mood of Halloween, and more importantly is just a whole lot of fun. Thankfully, Halloween brings out the best in nail artists and so provides us with some amazing inspiration and ideas for getting those terrifying nails just right.

So we’ve searched long and hard to find you our 25 favourite spooky Halloween nail art designs!

If you’re going to a Halloween party then these designs will make you stand out from the crowd. You will get people coming up to you and beginning conversations asking about your nails. They are also a brilliant accompaniment for any costume you may have planned. Alternatively if you aren’t that into costumes and won’t be dressing up, decorating your nails is an ideal way to still get in on the Halloween action without having a full outfit.

All of the designs are perfect for both adults and children alike as well. If you’re throwing a child’s Halloween party then you can have nail art designing as a fun game or activity for the kids to do.

So from zombies and spiderwebs to pumpkins and bats we’re sure you will find the perfect Halloween nail design for whatever you’re doing this Hallows Eve.

Halloween Nail Art

Orange Glitter Pumpkin Halloween Nail Design Art

Frankenstein Design Nail Art

Frankensten Halloween Nail Art

Nightime Halloween Nail Designs

Mummy Halloween Nail Design Art

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