Glitter Nails

Let’s face it; regular nail polish can become boring after a while. If you’re looking to add some extra sparkle and glitz to your nails, or just in general, then some glitter nails are the perfect option. They are incredibly easy but the affect is for all to see and the positive attention and comments you’ll receive will them a must. No longer just for young girls or teenagers, with sophisticated and stylish looks now seen on many women, any age can be seen sporting funky or exciting glitter nail patterns, not to mention the most glamorous of celebrities on the red carpet with the most up-to-date glittery nails. Almost any glitter nail polish can match easily with most outfits, creating a fantastic look that will be the envy of friends and strangers a-like, and ensure that wherever you go your sparkly nails will keep the compliments flowing (not to mention you won’t be able to stop admiring them yourself!).

These designs are also much cheaper than some of the other popular nail art – namely gel manicures, and are now far easier and less time consuming. Whilst you may feel that creating your own glitter nail designs are far too difficult, and that the only way would be to visit a nail salon to get the desired manicure, you’d be surprised at how simple it is to achieve from your own home. Acrylic nails can be purchased from many places and are an ideal solution if you have weak or brittle nails. It’s then just a case of applying a base polish, painting the nails the colour you want, spreading the glitter powder onto your nails and, if you wish, a top coat. And that’s it!

Below you’ll find some fantastic video tutorials and a selection of glitter nail images to give you inspiration and ideas for your own glitter nail designs. If you want to purchase glitter polish, acrylics and other tools to help you get the best manicures, head over to the nail resources and tools page for a run down of the best items.

Glitter Designs

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