Are you going to a wedding or fancy party? You’ve got your dress sorted but need something a bit more refined to complete your look? Some classy nail designs could be the perfect way to finish your outfit.

Sometimes you need your nails to be demure. The elaborate designs and fun colors are perfect for less formal occasions but there are times when you your nails to look sophisticated and chic.

Thankfully these types of nail designs are, for the most part, easy to achieve. You can use nude and modest colors, perhaps some subtle geometric shapes too. There are a good selection of classy looking nail stickers available that are very simple to use. You may even want to try applying some gems or rhinestones – don’t go overboard though! Using too many and could make your nails look over the top or in your face, especially for the sort of event you may be going to.

The best way to decide what will be the best classy nail designs for you is to trust your own judgement. Think about where it is you’re going and what would suit the situation best. You can then use the images below to inspire and give you ideas of how you may want your nails to look.

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