Looking for something a bit different for your nails? Try a striped design!

Striped nails are very versatile and give you the scope to have either an understated design or something more fun and exciting. They can be attained either by freehand or using nail striping tape. Be warned though, freehand will be less clean and professional looking (although still great!). If you decide to use the striping tape then you can nail (see what I did there) salon-standard looking striped designs without too much of a problem. For something as basic as some adhesive tape it’s definitely worth the investment.

nail striping tape

Nails with Striping Tape

You can choose to do the stripes both vertically or horizontally. Single stripes with muted colors are cool and refined whilst brighter polish and many stripes can be playful and exciting. Or just decide yourself what you think looks best. Don’t be afraid to try new colors, shades, glitter etc.

So, here are some ideas and easy striped nail tutorials to get you started:

vertical stripe with block nail design

For a really easy and simple way to make a modern but still subtle and sophisticated design, take your favorite darker polish and then just add a stripe of white over the top to give it some contrast. No striping tape is needed, it looks fantastic, is easy to achieve and super quick! What could be better.

red single vertical stripe nail design

These are similar but with a much thinner stripe that can be achieved with just a single stroke over the white polish. Remember to use a thin polish brush though. Very simple and very stylish.

single vertical striped nail design

Another single stripe but with a much bolder color. Try these if you want to stand out and be noticed.

stripe block colors nail design

We love these block color striped nails but they will definitely require a bit more skill and a light touch.

negative space striped red manicureA fairly new trend we’re seeing is the “negative space” manicure, where the un-polished nail shows through different spaces or areas of the polish. A bit like a cutout in clothing. A bold red is used here and striping tape has been applied to the top of the nail to let the nail peek through the stripes. You can stick to a simple idea like this or go for something complex and fancy. Try and see what suits you best.

block nail stripe designThis block design can be achieved with little effort. Use an orange base coat, leave to dry and then just apply a right-angled piece of striping tape and paint the square area that’s left a deep blue. Voila.

nail stripe design tutorial

These simple tutorials show you how to get 3 striped designs without any fuss. They also don’t require any tape. Use them as starting points and then change the colors or design to create your own unique nails.

Use the page numbers below to see more striped nail designs.

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