We thought that it might be helpful to create a resources page that can help you with all of your nail art and nail design needs. We’ll be adding to this over time and hope it’ll become a real source for nail artists

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Resources and Tools

In order to achieve the nail designs and nail art you want, you’re probably going to need the best nail tools, supplies, polish and other odds and ends for the job. Here we’re going to through some of our favourite resources for each of these that will assist and allow you to get the designs you’ve been after. This way you can easily find the best nail art pens or striping tools, as well as the perfect polish to achieve those glamorous designs you’ve been aiming for.

We’ve also mentioned our favourite other nail art blogs and youtube channels to give you some extra ideas and inspiration, as well as some brilliant tutorials. Make sure you check them out!

Popular and Useful Nail Tools

There are a whole variety of different nail products, some that will be indispensable to you and some that you won’t need at all depending on what sort of design or art you are doing. For example, a French Manicure won’t need a dotting tool, but any sort of nail art that involves spots or dots will. Using our recommendations and comparisons you can decide on what will be the best suited tools and products for your nail design needs.

Click on the individual tools or products above to find more information, recommendations and places to buy each product.

Nail Art Supplies

These are some of our favourite websites for buying nail art supplies and products. Get studs, rhinestones, glitter, transfer foils and much more for your nail designs.

Nail Polish

There are a wide variety of nail polishes available. Depending on the look you want to get or the type of design you are doing then different nail polish will work for different things. Some of the top brands are:

What you will really need when it comes to nail polish is fairly straightforward: a base coat, the nail polish and then a top coat. If you want the best designs then it is best to invest in a high quality nail polish. The better the quality, the less chance of the polish get lumpy. They will also last longer and quite often dry faster. However, the better quality the polish the more expensive it will be. Cheap nail polish will at some point catch up with you! So test your polish before buying and try sticking to the well known brands as listed above.

Nail Art Books

If you want some extra reading or the ability to take your nail art design tutorials with you wherever you go, try some of these amazing nail art design books.


These are some of our favourite nail blogs. Show them some love!her

For Professionals
  • Nail Tech FAQ – Beauty Schools Directory is the web’s largest directory of beauty schools. Their team has collected a tremendous amount of information about colleges offering concentrations in cosmetology, nail technology, esthetics & more. Their primary purpose is to help connect interested students with the cosmo / nail tech program in their area that best match their budget, lifestyle, and career goals.
  • Associated Nail Professionals – If you’re a nail professional, or work within the beauty industry, then you’ll no doubt want support and protection within your job. The Associated Nail Professionals are there for you, offering nail artists a home and voice. Membership with them will give you liability insurance, offers, discounts and even a free website for your business!
  • Beauty links Uwpagina
  • Beauty Tips – Beauty and fashion has come to rule the world in the modern times. There are beauty contests and fashion shows being held all over the world. This site provides information on beauty tips, body care, make-up tips and procedures, Diet tips, homemade recipes like face packs, shampoos and moisturizers.
  • Let’s Relax Professional Day Spa – located throughout Thailand, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Phuket, Samui and Bangkok.
Spa’s and Salon’s
  • Detoxfying Moor Mud bath and body wrap from Torf – Detoxify and heal with natural Moor Mud for holistic & naturopathic treatments, nature cure, moor mud bath, body wrap, facial & body mask, hot and cold therapy, hydrocollators, spa supplies, skin care. Torf Moor Mud products were developed in some of the most regarded European Health Spa Clinics. Wholesale & retail.
  • Brazilian Hair – We offer a wholesale price brazilian hair extensions. All the virgin brazilian hair sales is 100% pure human virgin hair, best quality guarantee.
  • Cleansing Skin Care
    If your looking for cleansing skin care that leaves your face soft and glowing, then visit us at JSabatelli.com.
    • Clothing
      • Alpenstyle.com Womens Jackets – discover European quality jackets, cardigans, coats, sweaters, vests and pullovers exclusively for women, with sizes from 4 to 20. From intricate Nordic patterns from Icelandic Design to elegant classic lines from Geiger of Austria, the discriminating woman finds the appropriate outerwear for any occasion and for any season.
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