A French manicure is still the most elegant manicure or nail design you can get. French manicure nail designs of a nude, pink or beige base with a pure white tip are most probably the most sought after in salons around the world. Why? It’s simple, sophisticated and goes with anything. A natural, no fuss look that will work for every occasion.

With their popularity french manicure’s have become suitable for more than the usual wedding and formal occasions that they are often associated with. There are now reverse french manicures, glitter tips, cute designs and many more that can be done to enhance the traditional french mani. Which is why french manicure designs are more popular than ever. Their versatility allows them to be the base for the most desired nail art designs around. So now you can try mixing it up and adding in designs or colours instead of the classic white tips.

Not long ago the french manicure could only be achieved at a salon, but thankfully nail techniques have come a long way and now anyone can successfully create the same look within their own homes. If you’re unsure of how to create it then head over to the French Manicure Tutorial page and that will give you a step-by-step guide to getting the Parisian mani.

If you are already experienced with the french manicure and are looking for some ideas, below you’ll find a selection of french manicure designs, video tutorials and images for inspiration to get you started with your own. If you want to purchase acrylic nails, accessories or other tools to help you get the finest nails, head over to nail resources and tools page for a run down of the best items.

French Manicure Designs:

French Manicure Designs Tutorials:

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