Christmas is almost here, and one of the best ways to get yourself into the festive spirit is to spice up those manicures with some holiday inspired Christmas nail designs. Cute and fun or classy and understated, you’ve got so many options when it comes to your Christmas cuticles. We’ve come up with some great ideas as inspiration for your Xmas nails directly below or you can skip ahead and check out our large selection of Christmas nail designs further down.

Traditional Xmas Manicure

A traditional Christmas color is a good place to begin and a better choice if you’re a bit more conservative with your nails and nail polish. The obvious color selection is something like a green or red, glossy not matte. Try a bright Christmas red like below that is both classy and elegant but still very festive. See more traditional Christmas manicures amongst other nail designs further down.

classic christmas nail design(Click to enlarge)

Glitter Christmas Nails

Glitter nail polish is perfectly suited for Christmas nails, as the lovely manicure below demonstrates. You can create brilliant patterns and manicures with glitter, and using the red and green really finishes off your Christmas outfit.

christmas glitter nail design(Click to enlarge)

Christmas Nail Art

This is where you can go wild with your nails. Christmas, much like Halloween and pretty much every other holiday, is perfect for nail art. There are so many different ideas and amazing inspiration out there that you can’t fail to find something you like. Snowmen (see below), reindeer, snowflakes, presents, bows.. the list goes on! Find whatever you think is the cutest thing about Christmas and go mad!

snowman christmas nail designs(Click to enlarge)

 Check out the rest of our Christmas nail designs and nail art below.

blue and white snowflakes christmas nail designs

christmas bow present nail design

snowman christmas nail designSource

christmas snowflake nail art designs

frozen christmas nail art design

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