3D Nail Art – Designs and Tutorials

3D nail art is one of the newest and most trendy looks to come out of the nail design world. Three-dimensional artwork is designed and created on acrylic or fake nails before being applied to the wearer to give a more exciting, fun feel. Whilst they make seem daunting at first, with a few tools you too can create unique designs

Usually the designer will decide on different embellishments for their 3d nails, options ranging from gemstones, jewels and pearls through to beads, bows and decals that are then glued to the acrylic nail. Flowers and bows are two of the most popular 3D nail designs because they allow the details of the petals or bow design to stand-out from the nail and look very cute.

Caution must be taken with 3D nail art as the designs can very easily be broken. This is where the acrylic nails are more suitable as they tend be stronger and longer lasting, whilst also having a larger surface area for the designs themselves to be placed. Not to mention allowing for bigger and extravagant looks! It is much simpler to just create the design on the acrylic nails beforehand and then apply to your actual nails.

The 3D art can be created by professional nail salons or within the home. Salon prices can be quite high, whereas home designs can vary depending on the different items used – embellishments, acrylic nails, glue etc.

Things to remember:

  • Before you decide on a design, choose the embellishments you’re happy working with – beads, jewels, flowers etc.
  • Polish the nails first instead of attempting to stick on the designs before they dry.
  • Nail glue is very strong and quick drying – be careful with it.
  • Keep all your designs (flowers, pearls, jewels etc.) within reach and ready to be applied.

Below you’ll find a selection of 3D nail tutorials and images for inspiration and ideas to get you started with your own patterns and decorations. If you want to purchase acrylic nails or accessories for your nail art, or other tools to help you get the best nails, head over to ail nail resources and tools for a run down of the best items.

Glitter Roses 3D Nail Designs

Glitter Roses 3D Nail Art Design

Peach Flowers and Bows 3D Nail Designs

Peach Flowers and Bows 3D Nail Art Design

White Flowers 3D Nails

White Flowers 3D Nail Design

Pink and Glitter Bows 3D Nail Design

Pink and Glitter Bows 3D Nails

Cream Bows 3D Nails

Cream Bows 3D Nail Art Design

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